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Work in Progress

We have been working on our capstone project for almost a year now, and have developed our product design, concept, and usability.
Our design has developed and been revised. Our current design is a constricting and opening water pipe section, that will constrict or open the flow of water in order use less electricity and be more efficient.

Mentor: Eric Prescott, he is a project coordinator at a non profit place called EPRI. 

Prototype Design Documentation

The first link is to our design sketches. We went through a tough process to decide on our current design. We tested multiple different ideas.

The second link is to a 3D/CAD Model. This is what I current design looks like. This was made in a 3D modeling program.

This third link is to our cost analysis sheets. We researched on many different trusted websites for the cost of different devices.

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